Apple Media Center in the works?

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Apple Patent
There have been a few disappointments on the Apple front this past week with Leopard delays and nothing too exciting happening at NAB. Well it’s time to start up the rumor mill again after this patent was discovered showcasing what seems to be an Apple media center ‘hub’.

The Apple patents note that a “modular controller”, most likely the new device, would sit in the middle and allow you to hook anything up to it from branded hi-def DVD players to PVRs, perhaps even a Mac Mini or their own freeview box. The idea seems to go on an a la carte system, allowing you to configure your very own media center setup, with the ability to add-on.

Another feature seems that the ‘modular controller’ can be accessed using a ‘media-player with remote control capabilities’. And with the iPhone packing Bluetooth functionality, and a reported WiFi iPod in the works, it seems either could be a viable remote control.

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