Free Google Phone to be here Q4 2007?

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Google Switch

It is being reported (sadly, but more on that in a minute) that a Google Phone will be launched in late 2007 and is being produced by HTC. Details are a little sketchy but it looks like Orange will be the first to get the new phone.

This phone looks to be a pretty basic clamshell with integrated Gmail and Google searching functions. Sure the drawing echoes a 4th grader’s rendition, but you never want to give too much away in a Patent filing…maybe it will be in a fascinating color like gold or shiny black.

Expect 3G and Edge network and no GPS functionality.

The fact that it is only a ho-hum phone is a bit depressing for me personally, but I still cling to 2 bits of hope:

  1. A while back, Google front man made an interesting comment on cell phones should be free, supported by advertising (applying in my opinion to service as well as hardware). This is an interesting premise and I bet many of the 1.02 billion (yes, billion) phones shipped last year (up 22.5% from 2005) would prefer to pay nothing rather than a typical service contract.
  2. The Google Switch Phone. Sure it is a grainy photo and there are obvious obstacles in data entry for a touch screen, but the hope is still there.

Will it be free? Will the Switch follow?
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