Froogle renamed Google Product Search

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Froogle LogoFroogle, although having been launched in 2002 has never really gotten to much attention. Well now Froogle is being put away as a brand and will be re-named Google Product Search. Not quite as cool of a name, but they are also improving on the overall page layout as well. Results now will be more similar to a Google Search result and they are also going to include better intergeneration with Google Checkout. It’s a shame that PayPal is not being included as well, maybe they can partner up in the future.

Google reps have gone on to say that they think this will do better with the Google Product Search name. You can still use the domain however it just forwards to This is a great way to search products it just to bad it has not gotten to much mainstream attention, Google also choose to keep it of their home page as a direct link and is included as one of the “more” options.

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