Portable LCD for Xbox 360 Rocks

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Hori is a well known company for its product such as the Onimusha sword controller and the Final Fantasy X-2 gun controller. Its latest offering is the Compact TFT Monitor EX for the Xbox 360. It is a simple 12.1 inch LCD monitor that straps on to Xbox 360 to enable gaming while moving around. The only requirements that you will need will be a duplex power outlet, one for the console and one for the LCD. Although measuring just 12.1 inch, it is capable of output in 720 pixels and gets its signal from the Xbox via analogue RGB.

If anyone of you are thinking of paying a hefty sum for it, you will be in for a surprise. It is priced at just $302. Yes it is cheap. However the sight of users carrying Xbox around is something out of the ordinary. Imagine young people sitting in the airport playing the Xbox while waiting for their flight as opposed to games on a PDA or a DS Lite. Well, add this to the list of the many LCD screens for the Xbox that will be made available, and don’t be surprised if portable LCDs are also made for the PS3 and Wii .

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