2G iPod Shuffle Dock Adapter from Griffin

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Griffin Shuffle Dock Adapter

Griffin Technology is about to ship a new dock adapter for the 2G Shuffle that adds some function that I would think a lot of people will find very handy. The 2G Shuffle while a very small and nice player lacks some of the convenience because of the lack of the standard iPod dock connector. Up till now if you wanted to use speakers with your 2G Shuffle you would have to use a set similar to your desktop computer speakers with the standard audio jack which gave you limited options. A lot of the after market speakers systems require the dock connector for the iPod to connect and be able to work. This dock adapter would add that function to the 2G Shuffle making it able to dock and play in speaker systems such as the iPod Hi-Fi. It also had a nice little toggle switch that allows you to set it to either play or charge mode.

This will sell for $19.99 and is currently available for pre-order.

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    Does this thing allow the shuffle to be controlled externally by other means?