Solar powered battery bag for gadgets

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Solar Powered Battery Bag

Its impressive just to know that you can get free power from the sun and no longer have to worry about your dying laptop battery life. Picard Ledrwaren has come out this marvelous idea for the traveling businessmen or women who basically spend their life on the run and often curse laptop manufacturers when the battery runs dry.

This backpack comes in three models, the Picard Solar 6189, 6190 and 6191. They suite people well with classic and exclusive tastes as all three series are available in black. To keep their brand name as a high end product, the bag is build with cow-hide material that is normally very costly.

On the bad side, purchasers might have trouble on cloudy days and during the winter time as the solar panels may not capture enough sunlight. In addition, some users might tend to stay in an office or at home quite and that of course hinders us from “standing under the light” just for the bag to get some power! If Picard can clear these doubts, money will just roll in for him on a global scale.

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  • Cookie

    I would love to see more of these things! I'm not interested in this particular bag because it's so ugly, but I would definitely want a normal backpack with solar cells. It should come with several connectors on the inside so you could use it to power an iPod, recharge AA batteries or power any other electronic gadget. Another good option would be an extension cord, so you could put the backpack near a window when you are at work but still get the power on your desk.