Casio Exilim EX-V7 and EX-Z1050 first look reviews

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Thanks to the fine folks over at Digital Reviews we get to take a nice first look review at 2 new high end Casio digital cameras. We have both the EX-V7 which is a 7 megapixel as well as the EX-Z1050 which is a 10 megapixel.

The Casio EX-V7 comes in at just around the $400 mark and does not seem to be overpriced with the features it offers but may be a bit higher than some want to spend. The EX-V7 is a very nice point and shoot with 7 megapixels and a 7x zoom lens. A nice design feature of this camera is the 7x zoom lens which is built in, so no protruding parts. The lens is also protected by a sliding cover which very nicely doubles as the cameras on/off switch. A quick 1.5 secs to start up and capture the first image which is something that would make this nice for even a novice photographer. Simple use makes for more enjoyment. Along with the still images this camera also can shoot H.264 video up to 840×840 in 16:9 and 640×480 in 4:3. For me the extra zoom would be a nice addition. It was mentioned the camera image quality could use some improvement especially at zoom levels.

The Casio EX-Z1050 comes in a bit cheaper than the EX-V7 at around $300, which sounds to me a bit more reasonable. This lower price is expected with this camera because it has the more standard 3X optical + 4X digital zoom. It does make up for any lack of zoom with the nice 10 megapixel images. The picture quality for this camera is better at the lower zoom levels and seems to suffer a bit at the high end. The EX-Z1050 features a big 2.6 inch wide LCD and has a great battery life at up to 370 shots. It can also shoot video at 640 x 480 in AVI format.

Value for money would dictate that the Exilim Zoom EX-Z1050 would be the best choice, even though technically the Hi-Zoom EX-V 7 is the more advanced.

If you click through to the review you can also check out some images taken with these camera’s.

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