Optimus Maximus announces official release date and price

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Optimus Maximus

Optimus Maximus, the keyboard that we have been anticipating for so long now has finally been given a release date. It’s still a while away, not being available till November 30th. Of course this may not be a bad thing because it will give you some time to save up that $1564.00 that you will have to shell out to get one. It will be a small initial run of 200 units for November and 200 for December with it bumping up to 400 a month starting in January.

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  • Cookie

    No matter how cool this keyboard is, it is just too expensive. It will always remain an expensive toy for loaded geeks. What I would like to see is a programmable keypad, with let's say 4×4 keys. A bit like the Optimus Mini Keyboard, but with more keys.