ICANN lowers Registrar Transaction Fee

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ICANNICANN has lowered their Registrar Transaction Fee from $.25 cents to $.22 cents. This lower price goes back to any domain that was registered or renewed as far back as July 1, 2006. So a credit may be owed to you by your current registrar. If you are a GoDaddy customer you may have already received your credit notification via email.

I would say to make sure you don’t spend it all in one place but I would imagine the credit for each individual is not that great, also in the case of GoDaddy its a credit not an actual refund. So for me the next time I register a domain I will save a whole $.09 cents.

You have been credited $.03/yr for each domain name you registered or renewed dating back to July 1, 2006* — $.09 has been placed into your Go Daddy® account with this customer number: *******.

I should not be so sarcastic because I am sure if these credits were not issued that would add up to a large sum for some of the larger domain name registrars. Even though it’s a small credit in my case it is still nice to see it come because I am quite sure they are putting in a ton more work than $.09 cents worth.

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