Dell will ship Ubuntu with its Linux PCs

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Ubuntu for Dell’s PCs

By the end of May 2007, Dell will begin shipping personal computers that are pre-installed with Ubuntu version of Linux operating system. The options for selected models of laptop and desktops will be available for US market.

“Today, we are excited to tell you that Dell will begin offering Canonical’s latest version, Ubuntu 7.04, as an option on select Dell consumer models in the U.S. in the coming weeks”

The decision to offer Ubuntu apparently made upon Dell’s consumers feedback on its IdeaStorm site, where 80 percent of its customers that had wanted Linux preferred Ubuntu.

While no PC makers have had any considerable success in pushing for Linux in their offering, Dell believe this time around is going to be different in their second attempt to breath Linux operating system into their products. The results, however, remain to be seen. Good luck to Dell and Ubuntu.

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  • Jake

    I am trying Ubuntu Linux. I do the Dual Boot thing with it – because I have to boot to WinXPpro in ordert o watch my multi-media such as .WMV and Mpegs. Linux sucks for that purpose – but, otherwise I use it for everything else. Ubuntu comes with Microsoft Office grade software that do my Powerpoint presentations better than Powerpoint, and Office Org does document formats of whatever I want. There are so many fun games on there it's unbelievable. There are Math Learning programs, Science, Photo Albums and softwares, Art programs such as Gimp that also do animation. You really can't beat the price – FREE – if you download it and I paid $20bucks for mine in a a Linux Distro Magazine so I can support teh Linux efforts. Don't get me wrong. I like Windows XP – but, I love Linux colors. They are much funner. Linux is fun – Period.

  • Vladimir Radovic

    Hm.. i watch my .wmv files as well as mpegs on Ubuntu Feisty Favn …without any problems…

  • Cosimo

    Try the last Ubuntu 7.04 Feisty 😉
    It installs any required codec to let you watch or listen any kind of files.

    ps: It comes also with the option to install ANY restricted driver only by one single click