Griffin iVault, protect your iPod with style

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If you happen to be looking for a sturdy and protective yet classy iPod case, look no further than the Griffin iVault which iLounge has just reviewed.

The case features industrial looks, made from durable and protective machined aluminum, while still providing easy access to the iPod’s ports. It’s a great case if your iPod tends to gets bumped around a lot, or if you do a lot of traveling.

The iVault fits both first and second generation iPod nano’s, and is available from Griffin for $25.

Product [Griffin] via [iLounge]

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  • Andrew

    Dose it protect the LED from scratches

  • Zmarks

    The new<a href=""&#62; iPod accessories iVault for the second generation nano is an aluminum case metal enclosure that would provide access to your iPod's screen, click wheel, ports and switch. I thinks It can protect the LED from scratches.