Blackberry 8300 Curve, the grown up Pearl

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blackberry 8300 curve

The Blackberry 8300 has been officially announced by RIM and in keeping with the naming that started with the 8100 Pearl, the 8300 is the Curve. Not quite as sexy of a name as the Pearl, however don’t let that mislead you. The Curve is sort of a marriage between the 8800 and the Pearl not only taking the best features from both but also improving on most of them.

The Curve will feature a full QWERTY keyboard, a 2 megapixel camera, stereo Bluetooth, 3.5mm input for stereo headphones and microSD support up to 4gb in size. With a lot of great hardware features they also made some improvements to the software as well. The Curve will include a new music player as well as new web browser with RSS support.

The Curve will be available later this quarter through AT&T. After looking at the features of the Curve it makes me glad I did not run out to get the 8800. To me this looks like a great addition for the AT&T lineup. So much for the iPhone hype, I am thinking the Curve is much more appealing.

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