Free Xbox 360 hard drive transfer cable

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Xbox 360 Transfer Cable

Since the announcement of the Xbox 360 Elite, current and new 360 fans have been drooling over the roomier 120GB hard drive that is now available. However, those with 20GB drives upgrading to the Elite would be at a loss, in that their data would reside on their old disk. To combat this, the guys (or gals) in Redmond created a transfer cable (pictured above, to the right) that would move certain files over from drive to drive.

Now, for a limited time, Microsoft is offering the transfer cable for free. Jump on the offer, if you need it, as soon as possible.

Read [Kotaku] Form[ Microsoft - PDF]

Image Courtesy of Engadget

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  1. This is great news. It's not often you get something like this for free, so I would snap it up quickly!

    Free Xbox 360 cable - great!
  2. Nice of microsoft to give them out for free.

  3. Nice of microsoft to offer it for free.

    Free Xbox 360
  4. is it only us? or uk too

  5. wow a freebie from microsoft, shock!

    free xbox 360
  6. Little old or maybe too late find here. but it is really nice if microsoft still offer this! It does a great news!


    xiaowei liu
  7. Can you still get these?


    Xbox 360
  8. Yer can u still get em, probably not now tho, shame.

  9. Oy i just put one on order i said '' i just bought an xbox360 elite hard drive from my friend'' just be nice and answer all questions they still give them out and yes ANYWHERE THAT XBOX360 CONSOLS ARE SOLD so do they sell xbox 360's in UK?? duh

  10. As of December 31, 2009 they do not offer free hard drive transfer cables. The PDF has been removed from the website and customer support simply will not offer it.

    I was told that "some time in the beginning of this year" they stopped offering this.

  11. would love one of these :) x

    tim upton
  12. I just got mine today in the mail from microsoft. They are NOT free and I ordered mine on dec 22 2009 and had to pay $12 for it. I still saved money though I got a used 120 GB at my local gamestop for $80 bucks after my edge card discount. Just thought Id let u guys know the price.

  13. how do you get this thing for free i dont see anyform showing how you get it for free

  14. a think its nice for microsoft to give them a way

  15. It's free if you phone microsoft
    69 9269

    Jared Kozak
  16. how do you get this thing for free??

  17. good cause im going to get one and ill be modding :)

  18. plz send me one

  19. They Sell Them On E-BAY

  20. They sell them realy cheap on e-bay you kunt faces

  21. To the nerd who sucks so bad at games that the fairy needs to mod.
    I hope you get caught and banned you pathetic twat!

  22. Could really do with one of these. Anyone know if they still do them?

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