Yahoo Web Messenger via your browser

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yahoo messengerAre you getting tired of downloading new Yahoo Messenger releases or facing problems installing it on your company’s lock down PC. Well fret no more as Yahoo launches a brand new Web Messenger which you can access from just a browser. In fact it is the first brand new Yahoo Web Messenger in over 6 years. To use it all you have to do is sign in using your Yahoo ID and you are good to go. It is also capable of adding Live Messenger contacts just like a normal Yahoo Messenger.

Another advantage of this web based messaging is that it bypasses IT security restrictions as it does not use any restrictive ports. The only feature we are still waiting for is interoperability between Yahoo Messenger and Windows Live Messenger for voice over IP calls.

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  • Devang

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  • ronz

    but gtalk gadget is far better

  • Invisible

    This is very useful, I don't think gtalk gadget is so much better