T-Mobile’s Hot Spot @ Home to launch

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T-Mobile LogoT-Mobile’s up-coming new Hot Spot @ Home service is being rumored to be ready for a national launch this summer. After a trial launch that took place in Seattle it looks like the national roll out could sometime around mid June. There were some reports of issues of both battery life and bad transitions between Wi-Fi and cellular but reports of those being resolved.

The Hot Spot @ Home service will require a router, you can use your current one or get one free from T-Mobile, after a $50 mail in rebate of course. You will also need a phone that is able to be used with Hot Spot @ Home, currently there are a few models by Nokia and Samsung. The Hot Spot @ Home service will allow you to get:

  • Unlimited US calls placed from home
  • Great coverage at home
  • Seamless mobility
  • Hot Spot connectivity
  • One phone

While I think the idea of this service is great I am not sure who would really use it. This sounds like a lot of early adopters type’s would love it, but I am not sure it would benefit them. As much as I would want to use this my first thought’s would be that I already get unlimited calls from home with my current cable provider and if I wanted just one phone I would most likely have to “downgrade” from my current Blackberry Pearl to get a phone that would work. One good reason I can think of is for a current T-Mobile customer who gets poor reception at home but if you get that bad of reception I would think you would look for a new provider and not get additional services. Time will tell if this will be a hit, I for one am curious.

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