Pre-Paid Playstation Network Card from Sony

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Playstation 3

Sony has just announced a pre-paid network card for the Playstation, being called the Sony Playstation Ticket. These tickets will allow you to pre-pay for games on the network and also purchase other offerings from the Playstation Store. Starting in June they will be available for purchase at over 52,000 post office ATM machines throughout Japan and can be purchased in either 1000, 3000, 5000 or 10000 Yen increments.

That’s right for now this is Japan only, no word yet on if or when Sony will make these available in other areas.

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  1. well that sucks you need credit card for that too!! that sucks!

  2. the should bring this product to n. america and if they have where do they sell them?

    bob cowan
  3. Why does Japan get all the cool stuff and we get stuck with nothing…..I hate dealing with credit cards and would like to be able to purchase these cards…Xbox360 has the same thing available at every game store in town but sony always lagging behind.

  4. If I purchase a japan card can I use it in north america Playstation Network?

  5. no you have to use the card on the japanese version of the store

    a cat
  6. Too bad it's only available in Japan, could have been making more profit if made available worldwide. Anyone try using paypal to purchase items from the Playstation Network?

  7. thats dumb. i hate using credit cards for everything now in days

  8. woW

    a gamer that u just got owned by in Call of Duty 4
  9. anyone from Newyork-Ontario area want to lend me their network card numbers so i can buy rampage, its only 6.23$ total i checked, help me out… is there any generous rich people out there?

  10. i NEED TO KNOW IF YOU REALLY CAN USE PAYPAL TO PURCHASE items from the Playstation Network

  11. Eduardo, the Network cards ONLY work in the region they're meant for. If you were to buy a Japanese Playstation Network card, it will ONLY work on the Japanese Playstation Network. The Japanese Network is ONLY in Japanese. Do you understand this?

  12. yes here is my card number 5648-8945-6324 i hope its ok for you

  13. hahah im glad i have lived in japan for the last 4 years. America Fark no. muhahahahaha japan rocks

  14. hey there is a game called jumping flash for $5.99 can someone plzzzzzz give me there card number

  15. is there any one in western australia that is cool to give me there plastion network card number for hardcore 44 its only $8.45 if you do ur da best

  16. Will some one please give me a real playstation network card number, please all i need is .99 cents for an add on please

  17. dan your an idiot it came out in japan first cause sony is made from there the only reason xbox has those cards out here is cause its made in america

  18. someone please help me try to get the omega dawn pack from the playstation network.My credit card number is not working and i don'
    t have a playstation network card someone please give me a number.

  19. could someone PLEASE email me a Playstation Network Card Number worth like $2.00?? i want to buy some add ons for Rock Band, i live in Arizona ….. i dont know if that matters or anything, but if someone is generous enough to send me a card number with like $2.00 on it i'd REALLY appreciate it! email me at

  20. i just got my ps3 and i havent seen a playstation network card so i need to know where can i get one? =(

  21. I have the PS network card, I purchased it from lawsons, a Japanese store and it's not behind the counter, it's actually inside one of the little machines by the front door. My card does'nt work with my ps3, I don't know why.

  22. why the hell cant i get a playstation network card i need 1 so i can get a few games can someone please help me get a playstation network card please comment bak…..!!!!!

    jon k
  23. i think a much music pre payed card works for playstaion network it like a credit card but pre payed

  24. ballz taste good mmmmmmmmmmm yum yum yum yum yum. i like men

    Your Mother
  25. was sup

  26. any1 wanna giv me a number so i can get street fighter

  27. Now you can buy them online from all over the world.
  28. can someone e-mail me a code so i can get flOw its only $7.99 i would really appreciate it (

  29. this my e-mail


  31. my e-mail in parentheses above

  32. i really need a 20 dollar PSN Card #

  33. Email:

  34. Id be willing to trade the games on my PSN account for a valid, working playstation network ticket worth at least 3000 yen. My email is i have about 150$ worth of addons and games, maybe more.

  35. My email is copy and paste there are two underscores:_<those I need a yen pan card for namco museum like 1200 yen or 5 bucks on psn Canada for house lost credit card in my house for two weeks now can someone please email me their pan card number?? Don't call me retard for asking I'm desperate please!! Thank you for the generous person that does

  36. can someone give me a valid card number playstation network card

  37. can someone give me a valid playstation network card number

  38. So….uh do they gots the network card anywheres in the U.S. yet?

  39. pre paid card are for KIDS without credit card, so to conclude, games that you have to pay each months but don't have pre paid card for it own.

    no fucking kids

  40. I have tried all over the internet to get a playstation netwok card, and I found awebsite for one

  41. guys please could someone give me a number for the playstaion card my emial is im in a need of one to get a add on for call of duty 5 please give me one ill repay you with anything you need to know about madden,mlb,cod5,cod4 with glitches or drop shot or anything just please i need a number thanks again

  42. Did you try
    They send you card code on your mailbox

    Ps3 Cards Online

    PS3 Cards Online
  44. can sumone plz lend me their psn card #

  45. i need only 99 cents. pleas someone tell me their card number. i just want one thing. i wont buy anything else. PROMISE.

  46. will someone please lend me there plastasion network card numbers you send the numbers to

  47. can anyone please give me there psn card numbers.??i need $9.99 to buyy the call of duty world at war map pack two….email me at or message mee on myy ps3 my name is slyFOX52 =) thank youu for your help if you give me psn codes(=

  48. that is only shiiiiiitt!!!

  49. lol u could get those cards at target and some wal marts in the section with the runescape game cards and nexon and right there they sell psn card lol get a life and do some research yalls look around……. iv been there seen it and it worked so its cooll!

    gamer XX
  50. hi ya .. i am looking for PSP network card. from taiwan.. so any body can tell me any web side can buy it… because it so hard to gey it on ………..

  51. can someone with a psn card give me the number i want to get a add on for little big planet but im out of money

  52. Please e-mail me a playstation store code! only £7.99

    I need der riese
  53. anyone have an extra PlayStation®Network card. that i could use?

  54. i need 2 but something.its $3.34

    can some1 give me card number pls pls pls

  55. im tryin 2 download midnight club 3 remix plz o plz give me a card and i will do the same

  56. Could someone please email me a playstaion network card number with about $19.00 on it I wanted to get tekken 5 dark ressurection on ps3.

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  60. from ciara can some please give me their playstation network card number an if it works i will give u my cell number and address

    Tyler Hilburn
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  64. yes i will like this