Firefox to offer a mobile browser

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mobile firefoxMozilla CEO Mitchell Baker has confirmed in a recent interview with APC Magazine that Mozilla is planning on releasing a mobile version of Firefox. Baker said in the interview that one of the things people like most about Firefox is the ability to change and customize it and they want to bring that to the mobile version, along with the ability to give users a full web experience.

Baker went on to say that it is a long term goal and not something that we should expect to see soon. So I guess we will all have to wait and hope. As long as they make it run on my Blackberry I will be one of the first to grab a copy.

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  • Angelina ——

    Mobile Version of firefox wouyld be great for Mobile users to browse web sites easily.

  • Greg Lee

    This technology already exists, no need to wait!

    Just go to for a free trial.

  • Wahid Laskar

    This is beautiful browser.

  • rajadurai