Apple’s MacBooks to Integrate Intel Santa Rosa?

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Macbook Santa Rosa

As most PC laptop manufacturers jump onto the Intel Santa Rosa train, it comes as no surprise that Apple will too. However, it is striking that reports have come in this early reporting that Apple will fuse in Intel’s new chip into their consumer laptop line as early as next week.

It is more likely that the update will take place around WWDC. Apple hardly ever makes fairly major updates in between their annual conferences.

It has been more than a year since Apple first made the switch from PowerPC to Intel processors.

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  • Groven

    Apple better update the MacBooks (White, Black) to Santa Rosa before October. I want the 800Mhz bus, and i want the 4Gb ram option, LED screen, GMA X3100 etc.
    Every other manufacturer have 13.3" Santa Rosa laptops out now. Sometimes i am dissapointed at Apple. It would be much better if they moved the MacBooks and MacBook Pros to the latest tech at the same time. I am really sick of the gap that are months between them.
    Get the shit done, Apple!