Alltel Wireless announces Jump Music

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Alltel LogoAlltel Wireless launches Jump Music, letting customers turn their phones into portable music players. Jump Music will allow customers to transfer compatible music from their computers to their phone with free and easy to use software.

The Jump Music application currently will work only on a PC (sorry Mac users) and will be initially compatible with only five phones: LG AX8600, MOTOKRZR K1m, MOTORAZR V3m, Samsung u520 and the Wafer by Samsung. The Jump Music software on the PC will allow users to find, manage and transfer music files with a simple click.

“For those who have been waiting for an easy way for customers to put music on their phones – Jump Music is it,” said Wade McGill, senior vice president of wireless products for Alltel.

Jump Music is available for download at Jump Music is working in partner with eMusic where customers can download the DRM free music that will be required. New users will get a special offer of 35 free tracks when signing up. In addition to the eMusic subscription users can also purchase accessory kits from Alltel.

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  • Connie Morris

    the site you list for download is not available!!! I bought the software from alltel and it doesnt work, i keep getting a message that says something about no QT java language, but as usually with alltell you cant get anyone to help you

  • Tyrone Porter

    I also bought the kit from alltel only to find out that the software download dont work. They are quick to sell you something that dont work, but when you have a problem or it dont work they treat you like a red headed step child. Why is it that verizon customers get treated better, and have products that work as advertised. It really pisses me off to be cheated by a a provider that I have been with for so long, but not for long because I am going to switch to verizon wireless, Word of mouth is not good for business.

  • vicki nutter

    I too bought the jump music kit and it doesnt work for me either. I have callled numerous times trying to figure this out and they mostly want to make me feel like it something wrong with my pc or me but not with the software. I have been working for 3 months trying to get this thing to work and still havent been able to use it because IT DONT WORK.

  • LuCinda haak

    Wow! At least I finally know that I am not the idiot of the world. I was about to take the whole set back to the Alltel dealer and throw it at them. Now I can quit cussing at my computer since I know it is the package inside the phone that doESn't work. Believe me I won't be the only person on the block that has switched from Alltel when my contract is up. Besides that they sold me one plan, but are charging me for another…That is another story. Next time I don't ask, I make them write it out three times.