Will T-Mobile launch the iPhone in Europe?

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T-Mobile LogoAs we all know AT&T will be the official carrier for the launch of the Apple iPhone here in the states, however over in Europe the launch carrier has yet to be named. There has been a lot of speculation that Vodaphone would be the winner, but now it seems like T-Mobile could be the official carrier for Eurpoe.

There has not yet been any discussion on the launch carrier terms other than some reports that it may be different than the US based AT&T deal, which of course should not surprise anyone. There have been comments made that it would be smart for Apple to launch in Europe with more than one carrier, simply because the market over in Europe is alot different than here in the states. For example T-Mobile would make a great launch carrier, but that would cut off a few key markets such as France, Italy and Spain because they do not operate there.

Like many others I wish they would have gone with more than one carrier in the US. Although I am sure they have their reasons it seems like a strange move for Apple to limit iPhone users to AT&T, with the high cost of getting out of cellular contracts this will restrict a lot of potential users from making the move.

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  • iPhone

    this will be a problem… t-mobile is enough for germany – but not for italy, france and spain… i hope apple know what they do…

  • phits

    Will the Tmobile edition of iPhone work in the US of A. It is a Quad-band (MHz: 850, 900, 1800, 1900) phone. Just wondering if the Myfaves features and email push will work.