Gadgetell Guide: Biking to Work

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Bike to work bike 1Thursday is Bike to Work Day. With gas at $3+ all around town, using your bike makes more sense (and cents) now than ever. But how do you get started? Never fear, Gadgetell brings you our Bike To Work Guide to all the best gear.

First you’ll need a bike. Short on cash? Check out the Giant Bowery, at just $500 it is simplicity defined. One gear (dramatically reduced maintenance), aluminum frame and hand brakes. A nice light rig that will get you A to B.

bike to work bike 2 Electra Amsterdam is a euro-inspired design that allows you to keep your>Cannondale Road Warrior 800 is a stiff flying machine thanks to it’s made in the USA aluminum frame. Bike to work bike 3Too minimalist? The Narrow tires, flat bars and quality componentry make this a solid choice. This bike can handle the commute plus charity rides. $999


Not eclectic enough? The feet on the ground while in the saddle. Confidence inspiring, the Amsterdam will have you zipping through traffic in no time. $550

bike to work helmetbike to work computer

Speaking of traffic, you have to protect your melon. Few helmets do it as stylish as the Giro E2. 24 gaping vents allow you to keep your cool. $130

And for the tech-lover in us all, how about something that tells you speed, heart rate, distance and altimeter reading, all in one and all at once. Meet the Sigma Sport 2006 MHR. Also great, you can use this computer on different bikes you own as without having to reprogram it to a different wheel size, sweet! $107

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  • Mountain Biking Guide

    Nice little selection of bikes there. People can save so much money on biking to work, there is a little bit of an investment to start off with (bike, helmet etc) but the money you save on fuel makes it worth it. Not to mention the excercise you get, plus you usually feel a lot more fresh once you get to work.