Dell Lattitude lablet PC revealed

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Dell TabletIt might have been a long time coming, but it seems Dell will finally have its own Tablet PC on the market. A video on the Direct2Dell blog shows Jeff Clarke, Dell’s Senior VP of the Business Products Group, showcasing a Lattitude convertible that will supposedly target the education, healthcare and corporate markets.

As has been said on many other sites and blogs, it indeed looks quite thin, stylish, and once it hits the market, should correctly reflect Mr. Clarke’s claims that it will be one of the lightest convertibles available.

With Dell’s market reach, and at the right price and specification, it’s really not hard to envision Dell making a huge hit out of this; it might not be long before we see students and professors carrying these around campus, doctors and healthcare practitioners in hospitals examining patient data on them and board rooms filled with managers and directors busily entering financial information and reading charts on it.

Watch [Direct2Dell] Read [JKOnTheRun]

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    LATTITUDE ??? Is that a Latte attitude?