12MP and Widescreen: Panasonic wows with slim FX-100 digicam

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lumix fx 100 cameraA new competitor in your search for that perfect pocketable camera is the Lumix FX-100 from Panasonic. There are 2 things you need to know:

  1. 16:9 widescreen still and video capabilities
  2. 12.2 MP

Panasonic teamed up with LEICA to offer this exclusive 28mm wide lens capable of 3.6 zoom. The camera features an SDHC/SD Memory card slot as well as 27MB of internal memory as all that widescreen stuff takes up gobs of memory.

It has anti-shake technology, a possible ISO 6400 in burst mode, capturing photos in 0.009 seconds between photos, 2.5″ TFT LCD screen and all the features you’ve come to know or not.

This is one worth waiting for. Due in July in silver and black at an undisclosed price.

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  • imajoebob

    Uh oh. My APS SLR's (Nikon Pronea) days may finally be numbered. I love those 4×7 prints.