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creative zen wavLaunching on the 25th in Singapore, the Wav will integrate speakers into Creative’s stellar design. As usual, it is an MP3 player that supports MP3/WAV/WMA formats, no surprise there.

Creative is touting their dock, which fits the Wav perfectly. They say it actually enhances the sound of the speakers, a rather unfounded selling point. The dock, however, is good for serving as an alarm clock and for outdoor music sessions.

Unlike most mainstream MP3 players, the Creative Zen Wav has a few features that are sure to be useful for some. First, it matches Apple in including volume limiter. After a European lawsuit, the trendy giant was forced to add a volume cap on all devices and Creative has now followed suit.

Additionally, the Wav comes with an inbuilt eBook reader. Even while listenting to your favorite tunes, you can flip through the latest Harry Potter book.

Or, the last one, because Creative has not said a word on an international release, so you might have to wait awhile.

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