Rumor: Verizon’s secret iPhone killer

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lg verizon iphone killerLate summer. That is when we can expect the return volley from Verizon in response to AT&T firing the iPhone over her bow and possibly stealing gaggles of customers. Verizon confirmed they are on track to deliver something better on what they consider, a better network.

From USA Today:

“Given Apple’s cult-like following, however, Verizon isn’t taking any chances. Strigl says Verizon is already working with a manufacturer — he declines to say which one — on an answer to the iPhone.”

That is Denny Strigl speaking there who goes on to say they’ve already “got something in the mill”. Their focus group must be locked underground as no leaks have sprung.

My prediction? Verizon will unleash the LG KE850 (in modified form; the vPhone?). We’ve seen this beauty from Barcelona (Prada phone was adapted from it) and its been given a nice 6 months to prep it to be all that the iPhone perhaps can’t (GPS anyone?) Verizon could make a run with it or at least attempt to steal some iThunder.

LG can obviously make it and 6 months is enough time to customize it out for Verizon. Verizon has been in bed with LG for some time and I am sure LG would love to get the spotlight as the iPhone Killer. Makes sense to me, you?

Read [USA Today] via [Dailytech]

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  • TonyTouch

    The final word on this issue is whether Palm's foray into UNIX/LINUX OS will be enough to offset the iPhone. (It won't) The beleagued Palm OS is simpler than M$ anyday but it is not stable.
    As Don said the iPhone will seek to do everything from the ground up.
    The iPhone is perfect except for 3 things.
    a. Replacable Battery
    b. Data Connection Speed (should be HSDPA
    c. Locked into one vendor.
    Having had ATT, Omnipoint, T-mobile, Nextel, Sprint and now Verizon, I can say that Verizon beats them all— hands down.
    It is a shame that they turned their back on Apple when they had the chance, but the "fight" was simply about content.
    Verizon does not yet realize that Phone UI not content will be the holy grail. At the end of the day I want a phone first, easily accessible contacts, then all that other stuff.
    I did the mobiTV thing on my Treo and it sucks (except for the Weather Channel). No live sports, looping shows.
    I want my iPhone last week. I want to watch "On the Lot" and the "NBA playoffs'on the train, I love several HD video podcasts which I learn from daily. Verizon's crappy TV service cannot begin to compete.
    The only thing I am worried about as an early adopter is being knocked over the head since so many people want one.
    PS. Apple stock will split before it gets to $150. You have been warned.(Smile).

  • Mart

    "Mart, M$ seems to have the numbers in the US market (I’ve seen figures from 30% to Ballmers 60-70-80% quote). We are starting to see more and more WinMo releases from Treo, on the Blackjack and other smart phone. Symbian owns Europe, but can’t catch a break here. Do you think we’ll see a new OS from Verizon to compete? Could a new OS from Verizon compete with Apple?"

    JG, I'd put it closer to 30%, based on my policy of not believing a word Ballmer says :-) And as for an OS from Verizon, that's my point exactly – Verizon can't build a phone OS (they can only cripple other people's work) and a new OS is exactly what's needed here – iPhone is not just marketing and a few tweaks – it is a total ground-up redesign of the entire phone experience, and the LG's of the world are just not able to replicate that, much less Verizon…

  • Don

    In the "good ol' days," a phone was just a phone. Pick it up, dial, and it works. Today, most phones are still used for that purpose. It was simple, intuitive, and easy.

    The fact is, most smart phones, because they are far more complex than this to use, are still dumb. Most features of even un-smart phones aren't used. That's because the way to access and use them is complex, twisted, and arcane. The true revolution in smart phones will only come with all (or at least many) of the features are as easy to use as the old dial phones.

    From the little that I've seen, that is exactly what the iPhone features. I cannot say if that is true, but that appears to be the case.

    On the other hand, the other phones named seem to follow that same problem of all the other smart phones: some techie ran to a project manager saying, "Hey! Here's something kewl we can add," and it was thrown on. Feature after feature requiring menuing on a tiny screen. If people could use all of the features the current crop of features would sell tens of millions of phones. They have not.

    IF THE iPHONE can deliver on its promise, it will start the true beginning of convergence and usher in the true age of the smart phone. With Apple's inevitable actions to defend their patents, it will be years before something else really compares.

    Perhaps you remember the Rio PMP300, Nomad, Rio Carbon, Sony NW-HD1, Dell Pocket DJ, iRiver H10, Creative Zen Vision, SanDisk e200, or the Microsoft Zune? They all tried to be an iPod killer AFTER they saw the iPod. The one thing they have in common is that they all failed. If they couldn't beat Apple on something as easy as an MP3 player, why do you think they can top Apple with something as complex and needed to be made simple such as a smart phone?

  • MobileMonkey

    This phone will die a slow death along with the (hoped for) demsie of CDMA, Look at the demogaphic. The iPhone is pitched at the high-end: people with disposable income, business travelers, folks on the move. These international travelers will not go for CDMA phones, period. Why buy some POS that works only in our (and a few other relatively small) markets when you can get a GSM phone that will work world-wide (and will likely have far more modern features than any CDMA phone out there)? CDMA= Trailer Park. GSM= detached home in nice neighborhood.

  • Mart

    Windows has the numbers on the desktop, but mobile phones, especially smartphones, is wide open – my own opinion, iPhone is going to be the "smartphone for the rest of us" and will cause explosive growth of the smartphone market segment (something M$ and BB/RIMM have been unsuccessfully trying to do for years.) There's a lot of pent-up demand there; the smartphone user experience that we know today is going to look like a bad dream when iPhone drops… that's the key point that none of these knockoffs are even addressing, and the reason why they will ultimately fail…

  • Tom B

    The Silly Season is upon us early. First thing, they'll disable to Bluetooth and rip out the web access. Then they'll stick on some duct tape so you can forget it's a cheap Korean phone from a 3rd rate company
    (we have some experience with the LG brand in our household).

    Strigl should just be axed; he clearly let his hubris get in the way of his common sense by not landing the Apple contract.

    My prediction: in 3 years AT&T will just BUY Verizon for its infrastructure.

  • nk

    I'm thinking a Samsung phone is more likely than Prada. Prada's been out for awhile now, and has gotten a tepid response at best, like Mart said. Sammy's got some very interesting new devices (Ultra Smart line) that have been announced but not released yet. And Samsung's also been on a roll as of late bringing new handsets to the US market, though mainly with Sprint.

  • Mart

    Well it makes sense, the only problem is that that LG phone looks like a JOKE next to iPhone – and putting Verizon-branded software on it isn't going to fix that…

  • Tom A

    TOM B is a retard

  • JKLee

    Verizon is making the iphone and their top smartphone the Droid Series, basically owned the iphone because it's rnning on Android!!!!!!!!