Dell is shipping 3 models with Ubuntu 7.04

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Ubuntu and Dell Logo

As we have previously mentioned Dell is going to begin shipping some models pre-loaded with Ubuntu 7.04. Well today is that day, Dell will begin offering 3 systems to include the XPS 410n desktop, Dimension E520n desktop and the Inspiron E1505n notebook. The support for the hardware will be from Dell but any support for Ubuntu will be handled through the Linux section on the Dell Community Forum. If you want to use Ubuntu and feel the need for some extra hand holding you can opt for the fee based support through Canonical. These systems will be available May 24th and can be found at

It seems clear that Dell likes to listen to its customers, the idea to ship Linux based PC’s was submitted to Dell’s IdeaStorm website on February 16th (the day it launched) and has since become the number 1 idea.

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