Ritek to mass produce BD-RE and HD-DVD-RE discs

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Soon Blue Ray Disc Rewritables (BD-RE) may be available in as much abundance as the common DVDs in your local superstore. Ritek has plans to start mass producing BD-RE and HD DVD-RE discs in the third quarter of 2007, greatly reducing the cost of such discs. Ritek and CMC Magnetics have been mass producing discs for a long time in order to lower the cost and make them available for consumers at a cheaper price. An average BD-RE and HD DVD disc costs around $10 but the production cost is $5. These two new DVD versions have much larger capacities than standard DVD discs: a BD-RE can hold up to 25 GB of data while HD DVD-RE can hold up to 20 GB, comparing to 4.7 GB of standard DVD — hence the added production costs.

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