iPod Amnesty at the Zune Headquarters

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ipod amnesty

A very disturbing picture (at least for us iPod fans) of an iPod Amnesty Bin in the the entry way into Zune Headquarters. Good thing the bin is not that full, it seems that even Microsoft employees may like their iPods, as not too many seem willing to drop them off.

Of course we know that this was most likely set up to boost the spirits of those poor Zune people going into work each day. Even as an Apple fan its still pretty funny. What I would like to see is a new picture of the bin with a few Zune’s dumped in there as well.

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  • Elmor Fudwel

    How much you wanna bet those in there start to disappear, acquired no doubt by some enterprising chap to get them working again. Custodial crew, intern, you get the drift?

  • Greg O’Byrne

    Heh, I think it's awesome, very witty. I love the "Bite me". I am neither a Zune nor an Ipod user so as an objective observer I think its just funny.

    I've got a Creative Zen, which hits all the high marks (and then some) with none of the drawbacks of the ipod or the zune.

  • CHO

    It seems that the iPods deposited are rather old models. Perhaps the former owners have upgraded to newer versions 😉

  • don williams

    With the new Pink Zune out its only natural that people are going to need that 'Bite Me' bin so they can quickly dump their old iPods for the new Pink Zunnie!

    Of course, in the future, when Microsoft really gets going and adds even cooler new features that the iPod doesn't have, like, lets say, hmmmmmmmm, maybe………… A BUILT-IN-CAN OPENER, they are going to need an even bigger 'BITE ME bin!'

    When will Apple ever learn that you just can't beat good-old-Microsoft innovation at its best! :O)

  • Colin Seton

    It's amazing how obsessed Microsoft has become…
    On another issue, sorry for being the spelling police, but I would have thought that a basic knowledge of when to use "use their" not "use there" (where exactly?), and "not too" not "not to" shouldn't be that hard for a web reporter.
    In comments I've come to expect it, but in the articles themselves, using the entirely wrong word doesn't help the meaning.

  • WindozeBloze

    I have been seeing quite a few Zune accessories in the clearance racks lately. Third party accessories manufacturers must have gotten burned pretty badly by jumping on the Zune bandwagon… which never left the station! Welcome to the social indeed!

  • Ronan

    Even those iPods were probably bought off ebay as "spare parts only" iPods.
    Spelling is terrible in this article.

  • Panda

    Not just the spelling, but the punctuation. Its instead of it's, Zune's instead of Zunes. Sigh.

  • Lostminer

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  • C172Pilot

    MS employees just want them for themselves so they can use them as external HD's. They should for sale be on eBay in about a week.

  • Justin

    I noticed the bad grammar *too*. Learn to use proper grammar.