Bank of America now offers Mobile Banking

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Bank of America

Looking back 10 years ago, who could have imagined that your banking could be done through a cell phone? Over the years, things have changed and now Bank of America has just announced its rollout of Mobile Banking services for the convenience of more than 20 million of its users. To access this Mobile Banking service, customers simply go to the web browser on their mobile phone and enter

Now users can check their account balance, pay bills and transfer money anytime anywhere just by using their cell phone. Talking about convenience, this is real convenient, isn’t it?

Press release: Bank of America is the first bank to provide its mobile banking service to more than 20 million online customers across the country through a wide range of carriers and devices. The Web-based service is accessible via most major carriers that have mobile Internet access and requires no downloading of software. More than 85 percent of the 200 million mobile phone subscribers in the U.S. currently have the capability to access mobile Internet through their cell phones. Customers will also be able to use a wide variety of mobile phones and devices, including Motorola, Samsung, Nokia and LG handsets or popular smartphones, such as Palm Treo, RIM Blackberry or Motorola Q.

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  • Jeremy

    BofA needs to get with it. They offer a half ass service. Blackberry Pearl's for AT&T (formerly Cingular) do not work on this service. The Online Bankinf Rep did not know what kind of response to give me either. So BofA rushes out services that are incompatible with very common phones and cannot even train their staff approprietly.