Apple’s Steve Jobs and Microsoft’s Bill Gates share the stage at D 2007

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It’s not often that you see two moguls of this magnitude sharing the stage with eachother. Tonight however, Steve Jobs and Bill Gates will sit across from one another at the D: All things Digital conference. They will take the stage in 15 minutes or so, and we’ll keep up the updates as more develops, so keep an eye on Gadgetell for anything of substance.

Update: Nothing too exciting happened at the event other than seeing old buddies reminiscing. It was interesting how well Mac and PC got along on stage and how good it made each of them look. My favorite thing that Steve Jobs said when talking about Bill Gates’ charity work, is that Bill is not trying to be the richest guy in the cemetary. And no, unfortunately, they didn’t reinact the Mac vs. PC ads. Maybe next time.

Update 2: We added the highlight video and remove the picture.

Photo Credit: Engadget

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