Japan gets Sony virtual golf caddy

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Sony Virtual Golf caddy
Sony has just launched a new virtual golf application that utilizes the PlayStation Portable’s GPS receiver in Japan. This will delight golf fans as the application gives precise distance readings and various hazards of 31 golf courses in the Japanese Chiba region. It uses GPS to determine all these readings and is an advanced application specially designed for golfers. It also features a scratch pad to make notes and a more interesting addition, the ability to give golfers a virtual tour of the golf course. More courses across Japan will be available soon and it’s currently priced at 9,980 yen for a package inclusive of software and GPS receiver or 5,980 yen for the software alone. This is another fun approach by Sony to introduce new features harnessing the power of GPS on the PSP. Let’s hope they get a worldwide release soon.

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  • dribller

    I rather play reel golf:D

  • Rob

    Uh, it is precisely for that — real golf! It uses GPS to guide you around a real-world course. (Assuming that's what you mean by "reel")

  • jason

    Looks good. I found some additional pictures and links of it here.
    Seems its only a limited release in Japan too…only 31 courses

  • joe webby

    wow that would be real cool to use here in the land of algarve golf

  • Golf Tips and Reviews

    Trust the Japanese to always come out with the latest gadget.

    Although I do think that it is like cheating. Can you imagine playing against someone like this on a course you both never played before? Surely he will hold a great advantage?

  • Learning Golf

    Looks good, when will that be available in the UK for us golfers here?

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  • Sharon

    Finally, a golf gadget that uses something I already own, instead of something completely separate and expensive! I know it's pointless to wish that this'll be available in the U.S. say, sometime next year? For a 2010 Christmas present??? *wink wink@ Sony PSP developers* Shouldn't hope too strong though; we're all used to games and technology not being released when we think it's going to be available (Final Fantasy 13, anyone??? gah)