Apple telling customers not to buy audiobooks from iTunes

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Apple iTunes LogoApple recently has confirmed that some new release audiobooks from the iTunes Store will not play on the iPod. Some of the troubled audiobooks include “The Four-Hour Work Week” by Tim Ferriss and “The Assault on Reason” by Al Gore. They’ve said that these troubled books play in iTunes, just not on the iPod, which most likely is how most people would want to listen to them.

An iTunes support representative offered an apology to at least one customer via email, so it’s nice to see they are not ignoring the issue. If you purchased any of the affected audiobooks, simply contact iTunes Support and they will refund the charges. Apple also went on to say that they take the “quality of our audiobooks seriously and will investigate the issue”, they also said that they are unsure of when this issue will be resolved and to “please try again in a few weeks.” It’s not often a company will suggest you wait before making the purchase, but hopefully we will see an update from Apple letting us know when it is safe to begin getting audiobooks again.

Maybe this points to an audiobook / eBook announcement coming from Apple’s Steve Jobs tomorrow?

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