Sony VAIO BX gets Santa Rosa power

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Sony has just launched its next generation VAIO BX laptops for the US market (only a few weeks after the AR and SZ update). They come in two models; the BX740 which has a 14 inch screen and the BX760 model which has a 15.4 inch screen. It features Intel’s new processor with 800 Mhz bus, Core Duo 2 1.8 Ghz and GMA X3100 integrated graphics or AMD Mobility Radeon HD 2300 graphics chipset. All the models feature the WiFi 802.11n Wimax standard, a finger print reader and an optional EVDO adapter for connecting to Sprint’s network. Prices will start at a reasonable $1,149 for BX760 and $1199 for BX 740. To make things better, they are throwing in a 2 GB ram and 160 GB hard disk drive.

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    Gizelda, achei esta informação na internet com estes preços.Mas qual loja ?? Tem como saber