Palm Foleo in detail

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palm hawkins foleoAre you scratching your head after Palms intro of the Foleo? Me too.

Here is what you need to know: this mini laptop isn’t one. It connects via your smart phone via bluetooth to web, mail, photos etc. Foleo has WiFi, so you don’t have to always rely on your phone’s connection for browsing.

Foleo’s 10 inch screen and full size keyboard allow you to “see the big picture” (plastered all over this release). She runs for 5 hours on Linux and on board memory can be augmented by SD and compact flash. She’ll do docs (with help from Docs to Go) PDFs, and Opera web browser. You’ve got to love instant on and as always with Palm (or almost always) 3rd party developers are welcome (did you read that Apple???).

I see this as help for folks who find small screens, well, sucky. With laptops quickly streamlining down to the form factory shown here, I’ve got to ask what gives? I’ll give you the live webcast today to make me fall in love, Mr. Hawkins, but no promises.

Price is to be $499 after $100 rebate.

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