Microsoft Outlook gadget for iGoogle

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iGoogleIf you use Google and Outlook (XP or later) quite a lot, this “Microsoft Outlook” gadget will prove to be quite useful. You can add it to your iGoogle (personalized) page, and it will display your Outlook Inbox, Contacts, Tasks and Calendar on the page for you.

For users of FireFox, you will be required to have the “IETabs” extension installed and perform a simple configuration step to make this work. Once set, just log in and the gadget will then display the contents of your Inbox for you.

I tried this (using Outlook 2007) and it seemed to work fine; it displayed exactly what was in my Outlook. The only problem is that it doesn’t show items under folders within my Inbox. I usually move all my email from Inbox to separate folders based on content, and at the beginning I was quite confused as to why they weren’t showing. This could be a problem for those extremely organized people who like to put everything in separate folders. Otherwise, this is a nice gadget to have on iGoogle.

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