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Google Checkout launched last summer and although Google has been working to get new merchants and buyers to use it, PayPal still seems to be the preferred online checkout. Google has now announced that they are looking to make Checkout mobile.

US and UK Checkout merchants will now either be able to use their existing WAP site or create a new WAP site and offer their customers a fast and secure way to make a purchase on the go. Merchants with an existing WAP site can begin to use Checkout mobile with no changes and any newly created WAP sites will have the mobile integration set up automatically. For customers using Checkout mobile, they will be able to enter a PIN rather than the full Google login, which make the process much easier, especially for those without a QWERTY keyboard.

Although this seems like a great step forward, I am not sure how many people actually purchase over a mobile phone. I shop a good amount online and I have never been in a place where I was purchasing using my mobile phone.

Read [The Official Google Checkout Blog]

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  • Hans

    Cellphone payments (not through Google Checkout) have existed in Estonia for years, but the reason they are not very popular is that they aren't very convenient. Some time ago there was also Mobile-ID project started in Estonia, that was suppose to be an alternative to using ID-card, but again, it is a lot easier to just use your ID-card than to play with your cellphone.
    But if Google Checkout wants to get more merchants then they should expand to more countries instead of adding all these useless features. I would love to use Google Checkout on my website, but it isn't possible because I live in Estonia.