Toshiba’s first HD-DVD re-writer for notebooks

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Toshiba SD-L912AToshiba’s first notebook HD-DVD re-writer will soon be available on the market. On Monday, Toshiba showed off the SD-L912A; its 1x speed re-writer, supporting HD-DVDs as well as most regular format DVDs and CD ROMs.

Being able to store massive amounts of data on optical disc is one pretty huge advantage of these next generation optical discs, while allowing re-writing, probably just made this one of the most economical ways of backing up and storing data in the future. You should expect re-writing to take some time though, as it’s estimated that a dual layer 30 GB disc will take approximately 2 hours of recording, and about 1 hour for a 15 GB disc.

The L912A features a 12.7mm high body which will allow it to fit in regular notebooks, and is expected to sample for Toshiba’s partners sometime in July. Pricing is undisclosed at the moment.

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