Free insurance for LG-Prada owners

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LG PRadaIt seems that LG Electronics are so confident regarding the quality of their LG-Prada phones that they are now going to provide insurance worth up to $215 for 60,000 owners. The interesting bit is that the insurance, which is totally separate from the product warranty, will cover damages to the phone even if the owner’s at fault for the breakage.

Even though you wouldn’t be able to wreck your phone at will due to this (who would intentionally break a $700 phone just to get $215 back?), it’s still a great service to provide to consumers. Daily hazards are part of life, and accidents do happen quite often with cell phones, so the peace of mind provided by this service would certainly thrill those lucky LG-Prada owners.

I just hope this will not make those same people more carefree about their phones and in turn cause more service requests due to careless handling and care.

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