Sony’s “Odo” line of environmentally friendly products

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Sony ODO Items
Being environmentally friendly and electronic gadgets seldom go hand in hand. Waste from these items such as batteries and electrical components have to be recycled in a certain way in order to prevent damage from happening to the environment.

Sony’s “Odo” line of products was introduced lately, showing off concepts of products that will be environmentally friendly. These items are powered by kinetic or solar energy and to reduce power use and industrial waste.

Among the products introduced and their power generation methods were:

  • The “Spin N Snap” digital still camera, a rectangular shaped gadget with 2 holes to act as viewfinder and charger. You simply spin the thing around using your fingers in the 2 holes to charge it.
  • The “Push Power Play” display, with a roller on its base, such that you move it back and forth, round and round to charge.
  • The “Crank and Capture” digital video camera, with a crank you have to operate to generate power.
  • The “Pull and Play” headphones, containing a retractable cord to simply be pulled out it seems.
  • The “Juice Box”, a foldable solar array which can be used as a power supply for the “Spin N Snap” or “Push Power Play” gadgets.

It’s great to see big companies such as Sony taking an active role in saving our planet’s environment, and this range of items will sure be a hit with environmental activists, if not almost everybody concerned with the future of the earth.

Via [Engadget]

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    It's a good news that the electronics companies are now coming with the helping hand to save the environment by launching the environmental products.