Verizon’s “unlimited” data plan down to 4 GB

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Verizon Wireless LogoVerizon Wireless “unlimited” data plan customers should be careful. It seems the “unlimited” just keeps getting smaller and smaller as time goes by. Just a few short months back we learned that the plan was actually capped at 5GB per month and now it seems to be down to 4GB. If you do go over it will be assumed that you are not using the service in an authorized manner and you will be subject to overage charges and/or termination, and we all know just how bad an overage charge can be.

At this point it seems that we can no longer trust most “unlimited” plans because they are almost always capped. It would just be nice to actually get a service and know what you are getting. I understand that when given a choice customers will pick the unlimited plan as opposed to the 4gb plan because it sounds better, but shouldn’t Verizon be forced to advertise what they really offer?

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  • Sam Jackson

    I have to say I'm intensely displeased about this, but what am I supposed to do? I have VZW, I have a dataplan that I use, there's no alternative for my 'needs' here except an escape from information addiction… which is not happening any time soon. Gah. Such injustice!

  • vic berggren hasn't updated their terms and conditions since 4/15 and it still states 5GB on the web site.