WWDC Rumor: Could this be today’s Keynote play by play?

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WWDC 2007

While we all sit around anxiously awaiting the news that will come from today’s WWDC it seems we have time for just a little more speculation on what Steve Jobs will be discussing today. has posted what they are believing to be bullet points for todays Keynote.

In a last minute find, I happened across a German site that has an outline of tomorrow’s play by play of Steve Jobs’ WWDC keynote. The text has some issues when I performed the translation but I’ve copied it in the “Full Story” section and made some changes to make it easier to read. Of course, you can always translate it yourself…

Just to hit a few of the hot topics from “today’s keynote”.

  • New Generation for the iMac’s with a new design that would be more appealing to the iPhone.
  • Lot of new items for Leopard. ZFS File System, Front Row 2.0, Photobooth 2.0, New Spotlight, Mail, iCal to name a few.
  • Out with the brushed metal design and in with black shining Elemen.
  • .mac & Google, iLife & iWork ’07
  • More iPhone details.

It seems pretty accurate to me, of course I am not sure if it sounds right because I would like it to go like that or I actually think it will go like that, only time will tell.

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