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pixdrop logoHate the stock background on your phone? Or, want to make your friends jealous with your vacation photo? Picture message it to them with Pixdrop.

Pixdrop launched the first free picture messaging service allowing you to send images to your phone via MMS. Your image may be up to 2MB in size.

The service currently works with Verizon, AT&T (Cingular) and Sprint. There may be charges for the receipt of the message (like a text message). The PixDrop site couldn’t be easier to use with just 3 inputs: your email, their phone number and a browse box to select the photo. They are sending about 500 picture messages a day.

Nice and simple. Check it out

Try It [PixDrop]

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  • pixdrop

    Hey thanks for checking us out :)

  • jerm


  • michael


  • missy

    i love pixdrop. but i havin problems sending some pics. i keep getting a error said for me 2 upload my pic when i did. is the pic 2 big? i use to send the same pic b4…

  • Social Marketing Mama

    …I think this is a great option for many, and yes, its easy and quick. I'm definitely going to try this out!

  • mickie

    i too can't seem to get a photo to upload

  • Mercury

    Hope Disxz Site Helpsxz Me Get A Gloomy Bear Pic X]

  • Bridget

    it said it sent but i never got it

  • heather

    this is the best thing all though i cant get the pics sent to my phone to send to family and friends and other people.

  • heather

    hey this does work and this is how i get pics on my phone and then i can send to my friends and family because i like to send rock peace angels hearts and many more things the one person i send to is my grandma and other people and the other is the one thing i send is the peace sign and the thing is that i love sending picture messages and texting i barely talk on the phone at all because all of my friends like texting and other things my friends are very kind and sweeet and other things so i cant wait for my picture to come to come to me and the other things.