Netgear home networking powerline extender

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Netgear Power line extenderThe technology of networking and transferring data via power cables has been around for quite sometime now but it still has yet to really take off. If you don’t know IP over power lines turns your house’s power grid into a multi-linked network cable. Although many are still new to this technology, it is a great way to solve wire clutter problems around the office or home as well as signal.

To potentially entice you to switch over, Netgear has announced a new Powerline extender. This paves way for more imaginative cable management on your desktop. They claim that this device will be able to provide a transfer rate of up to 85 Mbps. Coming in at the price of $79.99, I expect that it will be best suited for those who put a lot of importance on tidiness around their network.

Via [Slashgear]

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