Motorola’s “Crystal Talk” technology to improve call quality

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If you were to believe Motorola’s claims, soon enough you ‘d be able to save yourself the hassle of trying to find a quiet place or clasping one ear shut while making a call in the midst of high background noise. The “Crystal Talk” feature is one of Motorola’s new marketing words to promote their noise reduction and volume adjustment technology.

Already included in some of Motorola’s current lineup of phones such as the Krzr and Rizr, the buzzword wasn’t officially revealed until its Mobile Experience conference which also saw the release of the slimmer and thinner Razr2. The technology, which has been patented, uses a series of algorithms in the digital signal processor to filter out the caller’s voice from background noise and then amplifies it, while also able to determine background noise on the other side and increase/decrease volume accordingly.

In a demo during the conference, racer Danica Patrick made a call in the midst of a virtual racetrack setting with excellent results. Whether or not “Crystal Talk” is truly effective in the real world will surely be known soon enough once the Razr2 phones start hitting the market and become widely available.

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  • katy

    quisiera saver si aca en chile esta ese modelo de motorola me encantaria comprarlo

    bueno ojala me respondan que estesn bien

    se despide katy

  • Ace

    Motorola V-360 have this wonderful function, i like it, it helps reduce background noise very well!!

  • bharat

    motorola w388 driver

  • Ninoy

    does the w388 hace a crystal talk function?