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2 has become the latest company to allow both Google and Yahoo search engine results to be displayed side by side on one web page with its offering of Not the first one, similar to YaGoohoogle (which seems to be defunct ) from awhile back, and extremely similar to GahooYoogle, this seems to be a nicely built one, with capability to perform images, news, videos and more searches instead of just the default web search.

Results are displayed side by side, with Yahoo on the left and Google on the right; whenever the mouse hovers on either side, it is made larger (about 75% screen width), with the other taking up the rest of the space. There is an option to “Fix Windows” so that the mouse hover doesn’t do anything (i.e. both searches taking half the screen), as well as choices of which to enlarge if you just want results from one search.

Right now there’s only the option to search Yahoo and Google, but IdeaLabz CEO Booby Kalili confirmed that there’ll soon be MSN LiveSearch and Ask.Com added to the available choices. is also ad and popup free. At the moment it is available in US, UK, Canada and Australian versions.

[SideNote:]I was doing a couple of searches of the randomly chosen term “Google” to see what kind of differences it would bring up, and the results for “Google” on Yahoo Video search are quite interesting to say the least – not work safe! (It’s probably just a case of Yahoo Video bringing up the top videos from Google).

Via [TheRegister]

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  • Steve

    This is a stolen Idea :)
    We all know that has been around for a long time, please don't encourage idea stealing, or at least leave the right credits for the right persons!
    Thanx for the post anyways.

  • Ron sucks! is way better