Video games bring you closer to your kids?

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John, Elizabeth and Josh…. family gamersUnfortunately not for me and my children…. because I don’t play video or computer games at all. But my son and daughters play computer games like crazy.

However, somewhere in Moorestown, New Jersey, a different story unfolded for John Idler and his children, Elizabeth, 13, and Josh, 14.

At John Idler’s home in Moorestown, New Jersey, a dining room has been converted into a gaming center with three computers linked to the Internet, so he and his sons can play online PC games while sitting side-by-side.

It’s also right next to the TV room, so the whole family can still talk, even if his non-gaming wife and daughter would rather watch television.

He said the fun of video games is certainly part of the lure, but it’s really just an excuse to spend time together.

And John is certainly not alone.

A national survey released last year by the Entertainment Software Association, a video game industry group, found that 35 percent of parents play video games, of which 80 percent play with their children. Mothers, too, were part of the study

Come to think of how good these family relationships can be… maybe I should consider learning to play video or computer games after all? Would you?

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