Rumor: Nintendo and Apple partner to offer iPhone games

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Apple and Nintendo are rumored to be working together to offer exclusive games that will be released through the iTunes store for $29.00 each that should be available just a few months after the launch of the iPhone. Due to the lack of controls on the iPhone the games will be controlled by a touchscreen D-pad. According to the report Nintendo does not think that these games will hurt any of the current game markets they are in because the iPhone games will cater to an older audience.

This is one rumor that I will just have to see to believe. $29.00 seems way to expensive for a game that is played on a mobile phone and due to the lack of real controller I cannot imagine the game play being as good. While this all sounds somewhat believable, I am not going to hold my breath.

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  • madisonuui

    Apple and Nintendo good combination … like white … such a joint, the game should be more good .

  • TJ Liebgott

    I know you can already load roms onto your iPhone for free, but I'm sure these will be built better. $29 seems a bit expensive for old Nintendo games. I will have to keep an eye on this.

  • gameplay

    29$really is too expensive