YouTube now on AppleTV, will be on iPhone for launch

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AppleTV and soon to be iPhone users will have yet another way to waste some quality time with YouTube. If you are a current AppleTV user just run a software update to get YouTube setup. Once the setup is complete you will be able to navigate YouTube’s categories or search for specific videos. You will also be able to login to your account to view or save your favorites. iPhone users will have the YouTube content waiting for the June 29th launch.

In preparation for the iPhone, YouTube has recently begun encoding videos in H.264 and will have 10,000 videos ready for the June 29th launch. More content will be available each week, the full YouTube catalog is expected to be available by this fall.

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  • jackson123r

    This isn't anything like the ROCKR. It has iTunes. That's basically it.
    This has far more capacity, video capabilities (Widescreen at that), is touch-sensitive, runs OS X, etc…