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Google GreenFor those that don’t know, Google has a philanthropic arm:, that aims to make the world a better place. What is better (these days at least) than a green car? Nothing says Google. That is why it has invested $1 million in grants and launched the RechargeIT initiative.

The RechargeIT initiative aims to speed adoption of plug in cars, once believed to be dead. The RechargeIT Prius claims 73 mpg and a 68% reduction in greenhouse gasses. Additionally, Google will be charging these vehicles with power created by solar panels at the Google Campus. Sweet huh?

Google plans to take it a stop further and invest another $10 Million in green technologies brought in from its request for proposals for alternative transportation.

Says the supposedly apt named Dr. Larry Brilliant,

“Google is committed to using its resources to help solve the global climate challenge,” said Dr. Brilliant. “ is a hybrid philanthropy, bringing together the active engagement of the broader Google corporation, as well as investments in for-profits, traditional grants, policy work, and public information.”

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