mszunefan gets the attention of Redmond

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Zune Tattoo Guy

Well it seems tattoo #2 was enough to gain the attention from the fine folks in Redmond and this time its a bit more than a little care package. It seems that “mszunefan” is being flown to Redmond on the 5th of July so he can be interviewed for Microsoft’s Channel 10. Then after the interview he will get to meet the Zune team. Sounds like a dream come true.

On July 5th I am being flown to Redmond, Washington to do an interview for Microsoft’s website, Channel 10. They are flying me out on the 5th putting me in a hotel for the night, then interviewing me at 11am on the 6th. Then I actually get to meet the Zune team! Wow who know my tattoo would amount to this much attention?

From his posting on the ZuneScene forums he asked: “Wow who know my tattoo would amount to this much attention?” My answer to that, why would you expect any less, getting 2 tattoos in just a few weeks for a product that is just at about 10% market share is bound to draw attention, I am not sure I would expect any less. Of course I would have thought along the lines of a free Zune or Market Place account. Lets just hope he does not go for #3, I am not sure what could top this.

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